NALDA Unveils Initiative to Boost Local Food Production

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The National Agricultural Land Development Authority (NALDA) has said it is working on an initiative to encourage more Nigerians into farming and to, “grow what they eat”.
The Executive Secretary,NALDA, Mr. Paul Ikonne, said the proposed “Grow Your Food,” scheme was in line with President Muhammadu Buhari’s food security agenda for Nigerians to, “eat what they grow and grow what they eat”.

Speaking to reporters in Abuja, the NALDA boss said the aim was to, “encourage every household to start growing their food within their environment using their flower pot but instead of flower pot it will be called vegetable pot to grow their food, NALDA is going to encourage that.”

Speaking when he received the Governor of Borno State, Babagana Zulum, who paid him a courtesy visit in Abuja, Ikonne said under the planned initiative to boost food security, the agency will distribute bags, soil and seeds to households to utilise every available space to grow what they eat.

He said: “Remember when the president said that we must produce what we eat – that has been the watch word of NALDA.”
However, he said the agency was working with the Borno State government on its fish farming programme which seeks to engage 2,040 farmers.

According to him:”Borno State has submitted their complete list and has provided the locations.
“As we speak, contractors are already at the site and in the 10 locations for the project.

“So the governor of Borno State has fully keyed into Mr. President’s idea of achieving food security.”
He also said for training 30,000 soil doctors as directed recently by Buhari will commence in Born by March.
Zulum, however, pointed out that his administration is currently keen on keying into the federal government programme of agricultural land development.

He said following iniatial discussions with the NALDA ES in Borno, he had visited to, “thank the executive secretary and to assure that the government of Borno State will do everything possible to key into the policy of the federal government to ensure cultivation of the vast agricultural land of Borno State with a duty to increase the food production in the region.”
The governor said: “I have assured the ES that Borno State government will provide all the counterparts requirements for the programme to kick start.

“And we shall provide all the necessary supports in terms of land, in terms of agricultural equipment and others that we have with a view to ensuring the implementation of the programme.
“So far so good I think all is well and Borno State will soon enjoy the dividends of that land.”

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