PenCom Infuse N8.744tn Pension Assets in 24 Asset Classes

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The National Pension Commission (PenCom), declared an accumulated N8.744 trillion pension assets in 24 different asset classes with federal government securities taking the lion share of 72.91 per cent of the total funds.

A breakdown of this showed that federal government bonds which got 51.29 per cent share and investment in treasury bills got 20.40 per cent.

It was reported on PenCom website, that as at January 31,2019, other asset classes in which the pension assets were invested were local money market securities which got 8.40 per cent; banks with 7.31 per cent investments; domestic ordinary shares which got 6.61 per cent, corporate debt securities which got 5.37 per cent, corporate bonds, which got 5.29 per cent, while real estate got 2.65 per cent.

Also, state government securities got 1.62 per cent; commercial papers got 1.09 per cent, Sukuk bonds got one per cent; foreign ordinary shares with 0.69 per cent; cash and other assets with 0.57 per cent; private equity fund with 0.36 per cent; mutual funds with 0.29 per cent; infrastructure fund with 0.28 per cent; REITS with 0.18 per cent, foreign money market securities got 0.15 per cent agency bonds (NMRC&FMBN) got 0.1 per cent; while open/closed-end funds got 0.12 per cent of the assets.

Both corporate infrastructure bonds and green bonds got 0.09 per cent share respectively while supra-national bonds got 0.08 per cent.

Under investment in federal government securities, the commission, said out of the total N6,375,531.56 pension fund assets, the RSA fund 1, got N6,505.15; fund 11 got N2,837,532.61 investments; fund 111 got N1,716,313.68 while RSA fund IV got N 523,747.34.

This made the total RSA funds invested in federal government securities to N5,084,098.79 and total pension funds assets invested in federal government securities to N6,375,531.56.

The total assets value invested in fund one stood at N9,574.29 while total assets value in fund 11 stood at N3,858,996.38.

Similarly, Fund 111 got total assets value of N 2,088,377.17; while Fund IV got N704,176.86, bringing the total RSA funds to N6,661,124.70 and total pension fund assets to N 8,744,112.73.


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