Kenya: China, Kenya Private Sectors Strengthen Trade Ties

Posted by - November 27, 2023

China remains its position as Kenya’s primary import source, with the country importing goods valued at Sh452.6 billion last year, an increase from Sh441.4 billion in 2021, as reported by the Kenya Economic Survey. Jason Hsu, a Chinese, participated in this year’s China Trade Week (CTW) at the Kenyatta International Convention Centre in Nairobi. Hsu

Ghana to host 3rd edition of China Trade Week

Posted by - April 25, 2019

Ghana will host the third edition of the Chinese tradeshow at the Accra International Conference Centre from 19th to 21st June, 2019. Launched in Ghana in 2017, the China Trade Week (CTW) was inspired by China’s the “Belt and Road Initiative”, a comprehensive framework for organizing multinational economic development and trade. Being the only comprehensive