USA: Zipline to launch home distribution service using drone-droid combo

Posted by - March 16, 2023

American company, Zipline is introducing a home delivery package that leverages a drone-droid delivery team, according to an announcement made. When the drone arrives at its location, it hovers while an autonomous droid it carries maneuvers down a tether before dropping off the package. This allows deliveries to be made in areas as small as

Accra: Zipeline to introduce their drones’ project by May

Posted by - March 7, 2019

Mr Daniel Marfo, Country Coordinator of Zipleline, has announced that Zipeline Ghana Limited will officially launch the entire programme to begin the service latest by the first week of May, having done the test-flying of their drones. Mr Marfo announced this during a Media briefing to tell their side of the story to outline the