Tingg Transforms Billing and Collections for Utility Companies in Zambia

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The traditional manner of paying bills in Zambia is being challenged by Cellulant’s digital payments platform, Tingg with the opportunity to make payments digitally from the convenience of their homes rather than having to travel to a physical location to pay bills in cash, the digital bill payment solution makes it possible for Zambians to easily pay their utility bills. 

Due to the global complexity and growth of mobile money ecosystems, pay-as-you-go mobile utility bill payments have been used in the energy, water, and sanitation sectors. Mobile utility bill payments benefit both utility service providers and end customers because they improve payment transparency, decrease leakage, cut operational costs, and create potential for financial inclusion. 

They also assist mobile operators by raising the frequency, average transaction value, and frequency of transactions using mobile money.

Through its digital payments platform, Tingg, Cellulant is driving the digitization of payments in numerous African nations. By enabling easy and effective payment procedures for a variety of utility firms, including those providing water and power services, Cellulant is promoting the digital transformation of Zambia’s utility industry and enhancing the consumer experience. 

Customers of these utility companies can now pay their bills from the convenience of their homes, offices, or on the go using their mobile phones, tablets, or laptops thanks to Cellulant’s cutting-edge digital payment solutions. Customers no longer need to go as far to actual payment locations, saving them time and effort.

Technology improvements are providing utility management with new tools to handle future difficulties such expanding urbanisation and climate change in addition to solving long-standing sector issues like water losses and financial stability. The availability of digital payment options has changed how utilities and customers interact. Mobile money is revolutionising revenue collection, while IoT devices have opened up new prospects for service monitoring and procedure automation. Digital platforms and enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions are building the framework for the digitalization of utility operations and enabling more effective utility management.

In order to provide clients in the provinces with a convenient way to pay their water bills and select banks using their chosen mobile money, Cellulant teamed with 5 water utility companies in Zambia in 2022. Nkana Water, Kafubu Water, Mulonga Water, Chambeshi Water, and Western Water, which together serve over 300,000 consumers. These companies are now able to provide their clients with better payment options because of the explosive expansion of digital payments. In order to enable easy payment processing for Zesco’s clients from any location in Zambia, Cellulant has also been supporting digital payments for Zesco. The company’s digital payments platform offers real-time data analytics and reporting, allowing businesses to decide how to best handle their cash flow and payment procedures.

Businesses may feel secure knowing their transactions are safeguarded thanks to the safe and secure payment environment offered by Cellulant’s Tingg. The company’s payment platform is designed to adhere to the most stringent security requirements, using the most recent encryption techniques. By dialling the USSD code *265# and selecting the utility they wish to pay for, customers in Zambia can pay for their utilities on Tingg.

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