AXA Mansard Health Introduces Initiative to customers

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AXA Mansard Health Limited, a Health Maintenance Organisation (HMO) arm of the AXA Mansard Group, said it has introduced initiatives to better serve and engage its customers.
It stated that it came up with the initiatives that cut across drug pickups, health talk and webinar series for the corporate customers.
Commenting on the initiative, Head of preventive Health and Wellness AXA Mansard, Dr Edeigbini Omokhudu, said with over 75 pharmacies partnership across Nigeria, AXA Mansard Health limited came up with a new initiative to make medication easily accessible to the enrollees and limit unnecessary exposure to the coronavirus .
He said through the initiative, enrollees with chronic illnesses could pick up their medications monthly from the pharmacy instead of going to the hospitals for refills.
“After talking to a doctor on our telemedicine app, they can also pick up medications prescribed; the enrollee can walk into any of our partners with a prescription and enrollee card to be attended to,” he said.
AXA Mansard Health recently organised health talks with topics such on mental wellness, Covid-19, sedentary lifestyle, hypertension and hepatitis.
Omokhudu said with 99 per cent engagement with customers, the topics were selected based on: data from the claims pool per organisation where corporate customers suggest what topics would be most pertinent to their staff, among others.

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