Enterprise Group launches ‘Enterprise Advantage Mobile App’

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The Enterprise Group has introduced a mobile app in order to satisfy the needs and critical requests of its customers.

According to the CEO Keli Gadzekpo, the mobile app, is necessary considering the surge in the use of technological gadgets in recent times which quicken the pace of business.

He further explained that the app gives customers “convenience, control and an enterprise advantage” to quote or redeem claims in comfort.

Similarly, the App, Enterprise Advantage which is accessible on android and apple phones will allow customers to receive claims, quote policies, activate complaints and also check the update of their contributions.

Meanwhile, other services on the app include checking traffic situation, weather conditions and automobile services to make life convenient for clients.

According to reports by JoyBusiness, Group Chief Information Officer, Seyram Akotey indicated that the mobile app has become necessary “to meet customer demands” adding that the Enterprise Group is “more than capitalized” and not worried about the deadline given by the regulator, National Insurance Commission to all insurance companies to meet their minimum capital requirement.

In addition, the mobile app through its design, testing and evaluation took the team of experts two years to certify.


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