FBN Processes N1tn Transactions via Firstmonie

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Nigeria’s largest financial services institution, First Bank of Nigeria Limited declares its Firstmonie network has processed a cumulative transaction value totalling N1tn from its relaunch in January 2018.

The network also achieved nationwide coverage in record time, enabling access to financial services for many locations that never had a way for its residents to access financial services.

In a recent statement, the bank said this was in line with the Central Bank of Nigeria’s objective of bringing banking services close to all Nigerians, irrespective of where they lived.

“FirstBank’s Firstmonie service provides financial/banking solutions to rural and semi-urban locations across the country, such as account opening, cash deposit, cash withdrawals, airtime purchase, bill payments and much more.

“Through this channel, the bank is committed to providing convenient services that endear trust and provide ease of access to banking products, thereby saving time and travel costs for users of our network.”

According to the CEO, FBN Limited, Dr Adesola Adeduntan, stated, “The Firstmonie scheme is supporting the Federal Government’s empowerment and job creation agenda as over 22,000 Nigerians, through this scheme, contribute to the increased economic activities of their neighbourhoods.

“Our partner network is growing and we are particularly delighted about the progress we are making in actively driving nationwide financial inclusion, exposing communities to opportunities for growth, jobs, empowerment, and improved live conditions. Again, we are delighted to score another first in promoting financial inclusion in the country.

He further added, “We appreciate our partner network and remain committed to working together to achieve even greater impact on the lives of Nigerians.”

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