FSDH Merchant Bank unveils custody service to expand service offerings

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As part of its commitment to continually deliver excellent track record of innovative financial & investment solutions, FSDH Merchant Bank has unveiled its custody services offering for investors,

Custody is a financial service product that provides safekeeping of financial assets. This launch is part of the FSDH Group’s plan to meet investors’ needs by covering their end-to-end transactions, further showcasing FSDH’s years of expertise and experience within the financial services sector.

Its unique proposition includes; the use of technology to provide enhanced service delivery, assets servicing, and proffer sophisticated solutions to customer’s banking and financial service’s needs.

The managing director, FSDH Merchant Bank, Bukola Smith, affirmed that FSDH will continue to deepen our business lines, strengthen our offerings and deliver our promise to play a key role in the success journey of our clients.

According to Smith, “as we offer a one-stop array of financial services to our customers; we are now able to deliver efficient end-to-end of their transaction life cycle and we offer years of experience and expertise within the money market, capital market, corporate and transaction banking space to do so excellently.”

She added that, this new phase provides an additional option of non-pension custody services through which our bank can provide higher standards of service through experienced personnel across FSDH Group.

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