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The Ministry of Finance has extended the expiration date of the Domestic Debt Exchange Programme from Monday January 16, 2023 to Tuesday January 31, 2023.

The Domestic Debt Exchange Programme is a voluntary exercise, however, there will be engagement with stake holders especially individual bond holders to alleviate disadvantageous impact while contributing to overcoming economic challenges.

In a statement by the Ministry of Finance, Following the first announcement of the Domestic Debt Exchange Programme on December 5, 2022, the Government entered into advanced discussions with multiple stakeholders. These discussions resulted in the amendment of the terms of the offer, which was announced on 24 December, 2022, to expire on  January 16, 2023.

Also, the release added, “a successful Domestic Debt Exchange is critical to advance our economic recovery process, and therefore it is in our common interest to make it work”.

Attached is the release form the Ministry of finance.

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