Pertinence Limited Attracts investors with 50% RoI

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A Real estate development firm, Pertinence Limited, has unveiled an investment platform called Realvest, which guarantees 50 percent return on investment within 18 months.

While unveiling its new product, the promoters explained that it is to serve as a real estate thrift and investment vehicle for stimulating investment in the real estate sector.

According to the Co-Founder of the company, Mr Sunday Olorunseyi, the purpose of establishing the platform was to create wealth for the people using real estate as a vehicle.

He explained that Realvest would enable investors to invest and earn as much as a 50 per cent return on their investment as against other investment plans which the company had introduced in the past, such as Petty Save, which offered a 20 per cent return on investment.

“Realvest has two different plans which one can invest in. The first plan has a maturity of 18 months and gives a 50 per cent return on investment while the other gives you a 25 per cent return on investment with a 12-month maturity period,” he stated.

Olorunseyi said many people who needed houses could not afford, hence the need to devise means of bringing them close to their dreams.

He affirmed that the money is practically guaranteed, as it has been structured to always be ahead of inflation. We are guaranteeing that this particular investment offer will succeed because we are going to drive it. Olorunseyi assured that investors will get value for their investment because we have done it in such a way that it will always remain ahead of inflation. No inflation can be as high as 50 percent anywhere.”

“Another aspect of Realvest is that you can actually refer people and make money. So, it is not only about you reinvesting, it is also about you making money from every other person you refer to Realvest.

He said the firm planned the hold a summit in February 2020, where a raffle draw would be held for every investor in Realvest to win prizes ranging from an all-expenses-paid trip to Dubai, a car and a house in Lekki, among others.

Another Co-Founder and Executive Director, Pertinence, Mr Wisdom Ezekiel, said Realvest was a targeted investment.

“It means that if you are not able to do it between now and December 31, you may not be able to take advantage of it.  But apart from Realvest, we have other investment platforms. Their returns may not be as high as Realvest,” Ezekiel said.

In addition, the firm had also made plans for investors to be able to use their funds to purchase properties in any of its estates.

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