Samsung unveils advanced 2020 consumer products

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Samsung Electronics Nigeria has introduced its 2020 consumer products range. The launch in Victoria Island, Lagos, recently, showcased the latest in its revolutionary and innovative QLED and Crystal UHD television series, along with Windfree airconditioners, side-by-side refrigerators and drum washing machines.
Keeping with its resolve to utilise its transformative ideas and technologies to shape the future and inspire the whole world, Samsung has once again demonstrated its determination to continuously redefine the living space and entertainment of its customers.
According to Mr. Caden Chiyeon Yu, managing director, Samsung Electronics Nigeria, “QLED uses exceptional and revolutionary technology, which offers an unparalleled visual and auditory adventure from the comfort of your living room. QLED series is available in 4K or 8K and from 58” to 98”, and was designed with options to fit any space and budget.”
For Crystal UHD Television, Mr. Yu said, with cutting-edge crystal display, the new Crystal UHD TV will bring high-resolution content to life in a whole new way, delivering a viewing experience like never before in mainstream UHD TV.
Also showcased at the launch were the new Windfree airconditioner, drum washing machines and side-by-side refrigerators. The Windfree airconditioner is designed specially with the latest technology to provide coolness in quick time while ensuring that users don’t experience any chills throughout its use. It also has an in-built digital inverter that reduces energy consumption by 73 percent.
The new drum washing machine of 2020 from Samsung is built with eco bubble technolgy that allows it to provide cleaning of very dirty garments or clothes without the use of water. Futhermore, the new side-by-side refrigetor was built with Spacemax technology, which has enabled Samsung to offer more spacious interior without increasing the external dimentions or compromising energy efficiency.
Mrs. Oluwaremilekun Adesola-Ogunsan, head, consumer electronics, Samsung Nigeria, said, “Samsung understands the economic diffulties currently being experienced in the country and has consistently produced pocket-friendly premium consumer products. We are very consistent in our approach as we understand that our customers like the good things of life and we have provided that without compromising our standards.
“So, I can say boldy that there is a Samsung for everybody, regardless of your income stream.”
In 2019, the Samsung range of products received universal praise for its innovative quality and design and numerous pioneering features. This year Samsung has added even more beneficial features which its customers will appreciate in great deal

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