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Samuel Kofi Dentu Scoops the Finance Leadership Award at the 2024 InstinctBusiness CFO Summit and Awards held in Lagos, Nigeria

Lagos, Nigeria – 8th April, 2024:  Renowned financial expert, Deputy CEO, Finance and Operations at the Ghana Export Promotion Authority (GEPA), Mr. Samuel Kofi Dentu has scooped the Finance Leadership Award at the just ended 2024 InstinctBusiness CFO Summit and Awards held at the prestigious Oriental Hotel in Lagos, Nigeria.

The Finance Leadership Award celebrates executives who have gone beyond the roles of CFOs and Finance directors, transcending into senior executive roles. Mr. Dentu’s outstanding professional life is a true reflection of a Finance Leader. With a financial experience spanning of about over two decades, and currently serving in a fundamental role as Deputy CEO at GEPA, where he leverages his expertise to steer GEPA towards financial prosperity and resilience, his contributions are unparalleled.

As the Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Finance and Operations of the Ghana Export Promotion Authority (GEPA), Mr. Dentu has become a true architect of economic development. His visionary leadership spearheaded the development and implementation of the groundbreaking 10-year National Export Development Strategy (NEDS). This comprehensive strategy goes beyond mere statistics; it’s a meticulously crafted roadmap to unlock Ghana’s potential in non-traditional exports. The NEDS empowers not just businesses, but entire communities, fostering diversification and propelling Ghana towards a brighter economic future.

In the finance industry, Mr. Dentu understands that financial mastery thrives in a symphony of collaboration. His unwavering commitment to fostering partnerships is exemplified by his instrumental role in securing the prestigious GreenToCompete Hub for Ghana. This landmark achievement transcends national borders, positioning Ghana as a champion of sustainable export practices within Africa. The GreenToCompete Hub signifies Mr. Dentu’s vision for a future where African nations collaborate, not compete, propelling the continent towards collective economic prosperity.

Mr. Dentu has consistently exhibited a deep understanding of financial management principles and a commitment to excellence in driving organizational growth and sustainability by working closely with stake holders and C-Suite executives.

Throughout his career life, he has demonstrated outstanding contributions that shaped and transformed businesses, notably through his remarkable achievements, strategic leadership, and unwavering commitment.

Upon receiving the award, Mr. Dentu expressed his gratitude and emphasized the importance of visionary leadership in navigating today’s dynamic business landscape. He stated, “I am deeply honored to receive the Finance Leadership Award. This recognition reaffirms the value of innovative thinking and strategic decision-making in driving financial success. I am immensely grateful to my colleagues and team members who have supported me throughout my journey.”

“I am humbled for the opportunity to contribute to the advancement of the finance industry and remain dedicated to driving positive change and innovation in the years ahead.” He added

Deputy CEO, Finance and Operations, GEPA, Mr. Samuel Kofi Dentu at the 2024 InstinctBusiness CFO Summit and Awards held in Lagos, Nigeria

Leadership, for Mr. Dentu, extends far beyond financial expertise. He possesses a remarkable ability to cultivate high-performing teams, fostering an environment of collaboration and shared purpose. This philosophy is evident in the remarkable success of GEPA under his guidance. In the last 7-8 years, Ghana witnessed a phenomenal $1.5bn increase in non-traditional export revenue. This achievement stands as a testament to Mr. Dentu’s ability to inspire and empower talent, transforming individuals into the driving force behind organizational and national growth.

Mr. Dentu’s impact goes far beyond awards and accolades. He is a beacon of inspiration for aspiring leaders across Africa. His unwavering dedication to collaboration, innovation, and the empowerment of African nations positions him as a true visionary.

Mr. Dentu’s commitment to the continent’s financial landscape is further underscored by his service on the Board of Directors of TTL Capital Limited. This experience equips him with a holistic understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing African businesses, allowing him to tailor his leadership approach for maximum impact.

As Mr. Dentu continues to inspire and lead within the financial community, his receipt of the Finance Leadership Award underscores his unwavering commitment to driving innovation and success in the field of finance.

The 2024 InstinctBusiness CFO Summit and Awards which featured an array of visionary financial leaders from across the African continent including Ghana and Nigeria brought together leading figures in finance and business to celebrate excellence, share best practices and discuss innovative trends shaping the financial sector.

This annual gathering served as a catalyst for collaboration and knowledge exchange of financial thought leaders in the industry. It provided a platform for top CFOs, Head of Finance, high-level executives, analysts and pundits to gather and take part in conversations that shape future policy decisions of finance in a more relaxed environment.

The event also celebrated and lifted the veil on exceptional roles played by financial executives like Mr. Dentu and their team in providing growth and innovations towards their organization’s sustainability.

The 2024 InstinctBusiness CFO Summit and Awards was powered by InstinctBusiness Magazine, a publication of the ISO-certified InstinctWave Group, and sponsored by MTN Nigeria, a leading telecommunications firm in Nigeria.

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