Spectranet announces the launch of WiTel to Help Businesses Create Identity

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Internet Service Provider, Spectranet, has launched another innovative service – Voice Over LTE (VOLTE), the latest in voice technology with WiTel desk phones specially designed to provide both voice and data connectivity.

During the product launch at Spectranet’s Ikeja Head Office recently, Spectranet Witel was described as the all-in-one magic box – a portable wireless desk phone acting as an internet modem and a desk phone.

The chief executive officer of Spectranet, Mr Ajay Awasthi, said the launch of WiTel is a significant step for the company, as the introduction of the product is the first of its kind in the Nigerian market.

“We expect WiTel to enable various businesses to create an identity for themselves with the unique seven-digit landline number and help increase customer call-ins,” he said.

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