Telecom Namibia names Stanley Shanapinda as new CEO

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The Telecom Namibia Board of Directors announced recently that they have appointed the company’s new CEO.
The board of directors said that they concluded their consultations with the Namibia Post and Telecommunication Holdings and received their endorsement from the shareholder to proceed with the formalities of appointing the successful candidate.
Dr Stanley Shanapinda emerged as the successful candidate for the CEO vacancy, the board said. “We are excited to welcome him at the helm of Telecom in January 2021 and offer him our full support in generating sustainable growth for the shareholders, employees, customers and the public,” their notice said.
They added that Dr. Shanapinda is passionate about the ICT industry and has extensive experience with over 17 years in the industry. He is the former head of legal services at Telecom Namibia and NPTH and the former CEO of CRAN.
Prior to this, Dr. Shanapinda was a Research Fellow to the Computer Science and IT Department at La Trube University in Melbourne, Australiat, the 4G and 5G and Social Media Location for Law Enforcement, and the National Security and the Impact on Privacy in Australia.
Stanley believes that ICT ca be harnessed for the greater good of society, especially given the public health risk created by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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