UBA Appoints Abiola Bawuah as Chief Executive Officer

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The United Bank for Africa (UBA) has appointed Abiola Bawuah as Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer of UBA Africa on January 26, 2023.

Abiola Bawuah, a Nigerian finance and businesswoman was appointed Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer in 2014 making her the first woman to have held that position.

Abiola during her tenure of office supervised nine subsidiaries in West Africa of which Ghana was a part.

Group Managing Director of UBA, Oliver Alawuba stated that Abiola’s contribution to the bank shows her experience in work by engaging stakeholders, and people through a dynamic performance. “I do not doubt that she will take UBA Africa to new heights of growth and performance”.

The UBA prides itself in appointing Abiola Bawuah after a critical aand painstaking the group board undertook.

Oliver restated the bank’s pledge to diversity remains “At UBA, we take pride in our corporate governance and ability to nurture and develop our talent at every level and in every geography. These strengths have become critical pillars underpinning our business success and prowess across Africa, and in the international financial marketplaces where we operate”. “Abiola, being a Ghanaian national, further confirms our commitment to diversity.

The Group Board now contains three female Executive Directors and eight female Directors in total, making it a majority-female Board. We take gender equality very seriously within the group”.

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