Will.i.am unveils smart mask with built-in headphones and charging port

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Will.i.am recently launched a new smart mask with built-in headphones and charging port.

The Black Eyed Peas rapper has joined forces with Honeywell and costume designer Jose Fernandez on a XUPERMASK, which protects you from coronavirus as well as featuring noise-cancelling headphones, a charging port and LED lights.

He told the New York Times newspaper: “We are living in sci-fi times. The pandemic is straight out of a friggin’ movie. We are wearing masks from yesterday’s movie. So I wanted to make a mask to fit the era that we’re in.”

The mask comes in black and orange or white, grey and orange.

In a statement, will.i.am added: “We created XUPERMASK to change the game of our new normal. In this new age of style and security, XUPERMASK is an uncompromising face mask design with high-tech performance for the modern lifestyle. Alongside Honeywell, we’ve engineered a state-of-the-art Smart Mask to provide function with style.”

Darius Adamczyk, chairman and chief executive officer of Honeywell, added: “XUPERMASK offers wearers cutting-edge design and functionality. Its blend of fashion, technology and function is unparalleled.

“We are proud to have partnered with will.i.am on this unique and innovative project.”

The XUPERMASK – which also has seven hours of battery built in – retails for $299.

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