Fidelity Bank Ghana Introduces Outdoors Visa Contactless Card

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In a bid to ensure customer convenience, Ghana Fidelity recently unveiled a digital innovation to support aggressive customer-centric drive, Fidelity Bank has introduced Visa-contactless cards.

The Bank is also increasing contactless card enabled Point of Sales (POS) Terminals in the country.

With this innovation, Fidelity Bank joins an international group of Visa member banks across the Central Europe, Middle East and Africa (CEMEA) region to begin issuing cards and deploying terminals that have contactless capabilities.

According to the bank, the contactless cards only require customers to ‘tap and go’ on the acceptance device to execute low-value transactions.

Commenting on the new innovation, the Managing Director of Fidelity Bank, Julian Opuni said that Fidelity Bank is poised to deploy all relevant digital innovations which will enhance customer experience.

Opuni further revealed that, “At the heart of Fidelity is the desire to always put the customer first and offer real convenience to them, so Visa’s innovative product enhancement could not have come at a better time”, he said.

“The contactless card presents convenience, as customers do not need a PIN code for low-value transactions. Most importantly, it is faster to make payments at POS checkouts, as it uses a security chip.

“Moreover, the card remains in the cardholder’s hand during the transaction,” he added.

Fidelity Bank plans to deploy about 200 contactless POS terminals by the end of the year.

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