SBS Tanks Locates WA Regional Office to Ghana

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South African tank manufacturing company, SBS Tanks has located its office to Ghana. The company will use Ghana as its central point to transport industrial and commercial tanks to other West African countries.

The company is passionate about local business and has committed to partnering private business and government to deal with the country’s Water challenges.

SBS Tanks has also expressed support to all firms engaged in the 1 district 1 factory initiative in providing reliable water solutions for all their operations.

SBS Tanks manufactures its own 3.3-million litre reservoirs and employs over 150 staff across South Africa. Using advanced design techniques and by collaborating with Ghana’s leading structural engineers, SBS Tanks designs, manufactures and installs easily transportable, prefabricated Zincalume steel panel tanks with multi-layered PVC internal liners.

With ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001 certification and offering a ten-year warranty and 60+ year tank life span, SBS Tanks truly is the premium choice in Africa for all water storage needs.

In a statement issued to the press, the company said “one element of cooperation that can help the mining sector to overcome the myriad of obstacles thrown its way and enable it to continue planning towards a brighter future, is effective partnerships.”

“Partnerships come naturally to the team at SBS Tanks. Through its two decades’ experience in providing custom-built liquid storage solutions to a multitude of sectors across South Africa and beyond, one essential element has served as the catalyst for all its operations and installations: close, effective partnerships with its clientele,” the statement added.


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