Stanbic Bank Ghana unveils Visa credit card for Customers Convenience

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The Head of Card and Payment Solution at Stanbic Bank Ghana, Nii Odartey Lamptey has revealed the Banks “Visa Credit Card” launch in Accra recently.

He further said the new card offers customers more convenient and secured mode of payment and doing business and also with outlined strategies to educate the public on usage of credit card to rub out the misconceptions about it.

Lamptey noted that, people misconceived that using a credit card, kept one in debt forever, once a person paid his debt, he or she was eligible to use the credit card again.

A credit card is a payment card issued to users (cardholders) to enable them to pay a merchant for goods and services with an assurance by the cardholder to pay back the issuer of the card, which could be a bank, with an agreed amount of charge.

Lamptey stressed that, doing more electronic and digital payment had a lot of advantages for the public and the state at large, hence, the need for the Bank to promote it.

Users of the Bank’s credit card, he said, would among many benefits get an interest-free payment period for 25 days, purchase products and services online, and be protected from fraud.

He said the introduction of the credit card was as a result of insights the Bank got from customers with regard to what they wanted the card for and the features they wanted it to have, saying, it was introduced basically to satisfy customer needs.

He explained that, any individual, 18 years and above with a monthly net salary of GH3,000.00 and above is eligible to obtain a credit card, he explained.

“Victims of card fraud should contact the bank immediately to block the card, for investigations to follow and possibly get the victim’s funds for him or her,” he advised.

The Country Manager for Visa Ghana, Madam Adoma Peprah, said, it was necessary to invent and reinvent visa credit card especially in Africa to serve the public, hence, why Visa Ghana partnered Stanbic to introduce the card.

She also mentioned visa credit card was the most trusted mode of payment across the globe because a person’s bank could make payments on behalf of the cardholder, whenever it became necessary.

With regards to how secured a credit card was, she revealed that, the Bank, which recorded about 65,000 visa transaction every second, monitored all of them digitally to protect customers from fraud.


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