Sycca Couture Is All About Creativity – Uju Okoye, CEO, Sycca Couture

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In this chat, Uju Okoye says Sycca Couture will soon become a household name…

What’s unique about Sycca Couture?

Creativity is our signature. We are all about creativity. We play with designs to bring out the best and our clients can attest to this. Recently we organized a fashion exhibition at Golden Tulip Hotel Lagos and it was a huge success. The outfits we showcased were stunning and trendy. We are a young brand but because we are particular in doing the best we will soon be a household name.

What inspires you?

I love colours. My interest in fashion began when I was a little girl and it has continued to grow. I love picking dresses for one Aunt of mine. I am always with needle to stitch one thing or the other and they always come out good. I design for family and friends and over time I became very good with designs. Right now I design, I tailor and I style.

What are the challenges you face in this business?

There is this issue with tailors during festive periods; they don’t deliver on time. Another one is getting a sincere fabric dealer. Sometimes these dealers give you fabrics that you can’t work with. Customers not picking their dresses when due, is a challenge too. Some customers will leave their dresses with you for months and when they come to pick them they would have outgrown their dresses and you will have to start all over again.

Who are your mentors?

My mentors are Anjy Luminee Couture and Dfd Couture. They have really influenced my style.

Can you describe yourself?

I am a person of integrity and I smile a lot.

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