Women In Technology: creating opportunities in South Africa

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THE future is female and recognition must be given to local leading ladies dominating the technology industry.

Currently, women hold 19% of tech-related jobs at the top 10 global tech companies, according to a report by PwC.

Here is a look at four local women, who are making strides in the South African technology industry.

Avashnee Moodley, head of marketing at OPPO South Africa

The OPPO head of marketing has years of experience and holds a wealth of knowledge that is geared towards unlocking a brand’s potential, no matter the climate. Successfully building Huawei into a household name, Moodley’s next challenge saw her not just build, but catapult OPPO into a leading smartphone giant locally, during an ongoing pandemic.

Avashnee Moodley, head of marketing at OPPO South Africa

“As a woman and one in technology, you would often hear the word ‘no’. It’s become a driving force for me, to highlight the capabilities that exist when one is brave enough to step up to the plate and unashamedly hold their position. Technology is growing, and so are the women who lead it, and I’m proud to be a part of that,” Moodley said.

Samantha Fuller, head of communication at Yoco South Africa
Samantha is a result-driven individual, who has worked in the communications industry for more than ten years. She not only helped build Uber locally, but built the brand’s and profile with media and stakeholders across Sub-Saharan Africa.

Samantha Fuller, head of communication at Yoco South Africa

Now, as the head of communication at payments and software platform Yoco, Samantha remains committed to helping businesses succeed.

“Very rarely are female-led businesses given the same opportunities openly available to their male counterparts, and this is where technology levels the playing field. It isn’t about who deserves success, because we all do, but about leveraging available tech-driven platforms, to turn a dream into a paycheck,” Fuller said.

Mandy Lala, head of Nostro/ Card Reconciliation at Bidvest Bank

With more than three decades of experience, Mandy isn’t one that simply keeps up, but is actively leading the Reconciliation’s Team within the banking industry.

While automation of financial processes continues to ramp up productivity, Mandy is a firm believer in skill over algorithm.

Lala said: “Being a woman means sometimes having to prove yourself when it isn’t necessary, and it’s a challenge I’ve always tried to rise to. The fin-tech space has been a man’s game for far too long and I’m lucky enough to have many female powerhouses, who lead with innovation and understand that automation is key to achieving efficiencies and growth, ensuring that the job gets done.”

Busisiwe Khaba, head of public policy at Uber Sub-Saharan Africa

Busisiwe has paid her dues to become a leading lady in public policy across Sub-Saharan Africa. A PhD candidate, with years of experience across external and corporate affairs and government relations, and public policy and political analyst, has helped Busisiwe build strategies and craft regulations within digital terrain, that has empowered cities and communities.

“Women empowerment is not only a women’s focus, but also requires the participation of men to help address the gender disparity problem that continues in our society today. It’s no secret that women are very much under-represented in the tech and transport industry, but companies like Uber have allowed women to enter a traditionally male-dominated industry, and have contributed to this shift by championing equality and creating an inclusive environment,” Khaba said.

Tyla Duligal, marketing manager at BlueSky

Tyla Duligal, marketing manager at BlueSky

Digital-native and fellow tech-fundi Tyla has a passion to unlock branding solutions that use automation and cloud platforms. At BlueSky, Tyla leads a talented team into curating content that lives on the Cloud, but works on the ground.

“In technology, you have to be multifaceted and, as a woman in this space, you have to do all roles at once. From social media automation to a flexible digital strategy, no two days are the same. At BlueSky, I’m supported by a diverse team that empowers female co-workers and promotes critical thinking,” Duligal said.

With such fierce and phenomenal women leading within their respective industries, women hold the power, and it’s an exciting time for the opportunities to come.

Source:IOL Tech

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